MG 14/28 Super Sports

The MG 14/28 Super Sports is a classic car produced by the British automobile manufacturer MG (Morris Garages) in the early 1920s. This car was part of MG’s early lineup and is considered one of the company’s pioneering models. Here are some key details about the MG 14/28 Super Sports:

  1. Production Years: The MG 14/28 Super Sports was produced from 1924 to 1927.
  2. Engine: This vintage sports car was powered by a 1.8-liter (1795 cc) four-cylinder engine. The engine featured overhead camshafts, which was an innovative design at the time. The engine produced approximately 28 horsepower, hence the “14/28” designation.
  3. Performance: With its relatively lightweight construction and powerful engine for the era, the MG 14/28 Super Sports offered spirited performance. It had a top speed of around 60 mph (97 km/h), which was quite impressive for the time.
  4. Body Styles: The Super Sports was available in various body styles, including open-top roadsters and tourers. It featured a sporty and aerodynamic design typical of sports cars of that era.
  5. Racing Success: MG’s early reputation was built on its success in motorsport, and the 14/28 Super Sports contributed to this legacy. It was often used in racing events and hill climbs, where it showcased its agility and performance.
  6. Legacy: The MG 14/28 Super Sports played a pivotal role in establishing MG as a respected sports car manufacturer. Its success in competition helped establish the brand’s sporting pedigree, which would continue with subsequent models like the MG T-Series and MG MGA.
  7. Rarity: Due to its age and limited production run, the MG 14/28 Super Sports is considered a rare and valuable vintage car today. Well-preserved examples are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.